Im froachs girlfrend

by The Honda Accords

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Another round of improvised songs
The last Honda Accords album
Compiled from 2014-2015

Thank you Mario, Guitar Mouse X, Froach and Flowspice (
Album art credit goes to my little sister who lives far away from me
And thank you fans for never forgetting about us


released January 31, 2016


all rights reserved



The Honda Accords

Gold 1995 Honda Accord
Mario and Karolina

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Track Name: 25 Brothers
Don't you know I got 25 brothers?
That can always help me out
Whenever I'm feeling lonely,
I give a call to lil Jerry
Oh Thomas and Nathaniel,
Oh, what's his name again?
Oh, Jonkey Babaniel
They always come when I need them
Oh my brothers, what would I do without you guys?
Cos you're my brothers and we all got blue eyes
Oh, except lil Johnny - he got brown eyes
(How'd he get those eyes?)
Oh my brothers, don't ever cry
Don't - for me, but you know I'm there for you too
Cuz you're my brothers
Yea you're my brothers
Track Name: 26th 5th and Birthday
Garden rose vase is what my daddy gave me
For my 26th 5th and birthday
I didn't put a single thing in it
Don't even know what a vase is used for
Oh please give me a better present next time
Please don't give me the same vase next time
Track Name: A Bug Like Me
But at what cost to my body?
Cuz I feel the pain inside of me
And I wanna tell society
But a bug like me ain't no friend to nobody
Cuz a bug like me don't know my family history
Track Name: AC Unit
I woke up this morning and I felt very cool
Cuz I left the air conditioning running all night
My mom tells me I gotta turn it off
The electricity is too high
But oh please, it's too hot at night
I just wanna sleep in comfort
I just wanna sleep with my dogs
I just wanna know I'm gonna feel good in the morning time
Track Name: All Day
I don't know what I like to look at all day
But I'm really kind of okay with whatever comes my way
I don't know what I like to eat all day
But really it's kind of okay whatever comes my way
But it can be so sad sometimes
But really it's okay if things go my way
I don't know what I like to play all day
Just as long as it's a fun day for things to play
I don't know what I like to do all day
But if it's okay outside then I'll be okay
I don't know what I like to sing about all day
I'll just do whatever I can all day
Track Name: Alucard
Just wanna eat some rice with my dad
He might have left me but it ain't so bad
Cos you know I really love my dad
Even though I might make him mad
Track Name: Business Ham
I'm just a business ham
It's really not that crazy
I'm just a business ham
and I don't carry a briefcase
Track Name: Cheeze-Boo-Rashka
Cheburashka, your mom caught you sneaking out last weekend
Cheburashka, don't you think you can get away with whatever you want
Oh Cheburashka, please don't think you can do whatever you want
Cuz it aint true, no it aint it aint not true
Please little 'Rashka, get out my head
Little 'Rashka, get out my head
So little 'Rashka, go away
Why don't you take the greyhound express to a new place?
Get out of this city
Go where you can be free
Cheburashka, leave me
Track Name: Coke and Sprite
Drinking a sprite at the picnic
Drinking a coke with my mistress
Track Name: Dance Croaky Dance!
Dance Croaky Dance!
Dance Croaky Dance!
Dance til your heart can't dance no more
Dance til your pants hit the floor
Track Name: Dirty 'n' Desperate
Yes it's true
I'm dirty and desperate
Track Name: Famous Chef
My dad was a famous chef
He boiled so many carrots
My dad he was a famous chef
He took me all across the globe
I never feared what came next
Because I knew, what would happen
My dad was a famous chef
Track Name: Fish Fly
I am a fish fly
I came from the sky
Now I am trapped here
I wish I could disappear
I am a fish fly
I came from the sky
Track Name: Flour Four
You're my milk and cheese
Fall in love with me please
Never leave me alone
Cuz it's you I need
Is it so hard to see?
That I'm your kind of girl
Track Name: Football House
So go California
Go to Hairizonia
Go to Lake Miagra
Go to Meowth's Cavern
Go to a little worm's house
Go to my mom's dinner party
Go to your own Football House
Track Name: Freshly Ground
Mario is so tasty
Reeks of banana frosty
Mario is a little smelly
Smells like freshly ground pepper in the morning
Mario, I love you
Don't you know that, Mario?!
Track Name: Froach and Me
Froach, Froach and me and Froach
Froach, Froach and me
(Drinking tea)
Track Name: Froggy DX
Froggy Deluxe
You can blame it all on me
Froggy Deluxe
I like to keep my city clean
Track Name: Hair Spray
You are a man
Or so they say
I have a can
Of hair spray
Track Name: Hotdog
I have a bun
I have mustard
I go to work
And tell jokes to everyone
They think I'm pretty smart
I don't really get it
They think I'm pretty smart
I say it's only mustard
Thank you for always hearing me out
Track Name: I Ain't a Bug
Please don't call me a bug
I prefer insect
Please don't say I'm worthless
I prefer humble
Oh I'm a bumbling fool, yes I'll admit
But I won't stand for your rude remarks
Cuz I ain't a bug
No, I'm so more than that
I ain't a bug
I ain't a bug!
Track Name: I Can't Go to School Anymore
I can't go to school anymore
Teacher, I'm sorry
I can't go to class anymore and I'm sorry
I lost my baseball cap and my football hat
In the laundry
I can't go to school anymore and I'm sorry
Track Name: I Was Born in a Ladle
Babies come in many different forms
Babies come in different sizes too
Some are born inside of apples
Others are born in a litter of two
My babies sit safe at home
Inside a cradle - I built out of a big ladle
Inside my little, baby baby fish
They were hatched from little tiny eggs
I am a beta fish, I swim around all day
I am a little fish, I am a little fish
Today my mom, she changed my water
Now I'm so happy, I can swim free
I am a beta, just a little beta
I am a beta with a family
Track Name: I'm Froach
I'm Froach
Track Name: Inexperienced Frog
I'm an inexperienced frog
They took me into the army like this
They said I was good enough
But where did my training go
Oh, I'm an inexperienced frog
I can't even tie my bootstraps
I can't even hold that rifle
Please god don't put me in the frontline
Cuz i'm an inexperienced frog
I'm an inexperienced frog
Track Name: It May Be Wrong
I like to sing a song
Even if it may be wrong
i don't care
I don't care
I like to play a song
Even if it may be wrong
I don't care
I don't care
Track Name: Kimchi Jar
Making kimchi in the morning
Selling my house in the evening
Eating ice cream in the morning
Taking out my dog on a walk
Track Name: Kissing My Dog in the Water
He also drowned my daughter
Don't ask me why I love him
Gotta kiss him in the oven
Put him into a skittle
Oops I meant a spittle
Kissing my dog in water
No it don't really matter
Track Name: Man With a Cold Exterior
Lets out to the swamp factory
I know a secret entrance by the tree
Jonathon the rat, will give us entry
So come with me, I'll take ya by that tree - in the factory
I'll take ya to a nice little dinner seat
I'll put ya in that seat
I'll give ya one meal
A meal of tomato soup that I made myself
So keep it with my buddies - the letter of your dismissal
I'll give it to them in a silver briefcase
Hope I don't drop it on the way there
The man with glasses will give me a dollar
The man with pumpkin head will give me seeds
The man with a very cold exterior will ask for that shabby coat I found
Inside of a coin locker
Track Name: Milkshakes
It's not easy making milkshakes everyday
I would know cuz I make them everyday
All my pants are very dirty
Covered in milkshakes that I make everyday
Sometimes I crush candy bits
Then I mix that milk into a shake
It's not easy making milkshakes everyday
Maybe I should ask them to raise my pay
Track Name: Movie
I wanna watch a movie
Please can I watch a movie
I wanna watch it on the TV
Just let me watch a movie
I don't even wanna do anything else
I just wanna watch a movie
I don't wanna play any games
I don't wanna eat any cake
I don't wanna sit on the ground anymore
Please let me watch a movie
Track Name: My Dog Named Tre
Just been hangin' with my dog today
Just been hangin' with my dog named Tre
Track Name: Oh I'm a Froachy
Oh i'm a Froachy, sipping on my coffee
Oh I'm a Froachy, can't get more Froach than me
Track Name: Pain is My Game
Don't want to go to school
Don't want to do anything
My name is Froach
Don't you know
Gotta show that I made
I'm just a guy
With no pride
Froach is the name
Pain is my game
Track Name: Pike's Peak
Pike's peak!
Track Name: Radio Skipper
Take that, radio skipper
Take that, banana bloomer
Don't call this number anymore
You have no family
You don't got nothin to do here
So please go away
Take that, donkey tripper
Take that, bonkey licker
Please, come again
Track Name: Rat in a Garbage Can
Nobody cares about what I want
I'm just a rat in a garbage can
I sit here every night and day
Wait for people to throw away all their garbage
Cos I'm just a rat sitting in a garbage can
Don't really have much choice to what I can fit in
My belly
Track Name: School Prom
I got ice cream in a cup
I got donkeys in a rug
Take them to the lake tonight
Throw them in the water
I don't care bout anything
I don't go to my school prom
I don't care what went wrong
Track Name: Sorry Froach
Froach, he is my little pumpkin pie
Froach, he's my little creamsicle pie
Froach is my son, but i never seen him here
Cuz Froach, yeah he's gone, he disappear
Froach, why did I leave you behind?
Froach, I should have took you along
All your brothers and sisters are here in the kitchen
Froach, you're all alone
Somewhere, i don't know
Froach, where are you
What was I ever thinking
Froach, how could I ever do that to my son?
My son
Froach, how could I do it?
Track Name: Stop That Froach
Stop that Froach
Oh man, please stop that Froach
That Froach he done me no good
That Froach he said he'd help me with my garage sale
But that Froach he lied, oh yes he lied
He took all my keys to my jet skies
But he rode away, yea he drove away, that Froach
Stop that Froach
Oh stop that Froach
Oh please doctor, officer, catch that Froach
Oh please gardener, lawn mower, stop that Froach
Stop that Froach for me
Track Name: Spider
Just been killing the spiders today
Just been warmin up my fingers today
Just been kissin my man today
Just been laying on the ground today
I don't care what people say
I don't care my lover say
Track Name: Sweaty and I Don't Care
I'm so sweaty and I don't care
I'm so putrid and it's okay
I'm so hungry that I won't snare
I won't snatch your drums away
No, no I won't snatch your purse away
So you can rest on me
So you can watch comedy central
So you can hang on to a bar
Of popsicles and icicles
Popsicles and icicles
Track Name: The Ambassador's Son Part 2
I am the ambassador's son
He left me his favorite gun
I'm the ambassador's son
I don't go to any meetings
I'm still a kid
No one trusts me
I don't drink any coffee
I'm the ambassador's son
He left me his favorite gun
I'm the ambassador's son
Track Name: The Area Code is Not 734
Eat a couple candy bars
Throw the wrappers in the trash can
Do what you gotta do
If you wanna stay clean and very cool
That's what we do in Knocks-ville
The city I was born
The city I love with all my heart
Track Name: The One Night Production
Oh dear Johnny
Did you see my film on the news last night?
It included a story that you may have told me once before
Yeah Johnny, I may have used your story
I'm really sorry, but it was just a one night production
You don't have to be so angry with a guy like me
Please Johnny, don't report me
I'm really sorry
Johnny, please don't sue me my movie
Yeah Johnny, are you gonna come over tomorrow night?
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny
Track Name: Vacation Salamander
O lounge salamander!
Where did ya go this weekend?
Buddy boy?
Lounge salamander
Cuz I haven't seen you in a hundred thousand years
and I really wanna know where you could be, lounge salamander
You're almost like that skink that I met outside in the gravel
But you're not him…
Maybe, do salamanders live in the grass? I don't even know
Or do they live in the trees? Or do they live in the pond?
Or do they go home on vacation to wherever they are from
I dunno, I dunno, I dunno
That's why I can't find you
That's why I can't find you
Shh, salamander
Track Name: What I Mean
Thursday is Thanksgiving
Saturday is Christmas Eve
Monday is Pumpkin Pie Day
For me and my friends
They're shouting, oh I can hear them
They're yelling for me
They're cheering me on
They're waiting til I'll be gone
They're really my enemies
I'm really gonna show them what I mean
What I mean
Track Name: Worm Beds
Kissin' on my little worms
Right on their heads
Don't even worry about their slimy little beds
Because a worm isn't all that dirty
Worms aren't all that dirty
Track Name: Worthless
You are worthless, Mario
You are stupid, Mario
I'm just kidding!
I don't wanna go to summer school
I'm so tired of going to school
I don't wanna be here anymore
I don't wanna see you anymore
So let me go far far away
Flowspice on the mic!
Just kidding it's me on the mic!
I don't like this city
I wanna show all my pity
I don't care
i don't know who knows me or where I go
I just want to be alone
It's true
It's true!
Track Name: Wa Wa Wa Wa
Wa Wa Wa Wa
Track Name: Yellow Card in My Room
Do you wanna go to the Saturday night
Do you wanna taste a couple of french fries
Do you wanna go with me to the party
Do you wanna know what I like to do
Track Name: Yes Indeed
Yes, indeed I'm Froach!
Yes, indeed I'm poached!
Yes, indeed I'm Froach!
Yes, indeed I'm poached!
Track Name: 99 Acre Yard
My horse is in the 99 acre yard

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